6 Unbelievable THC Oil Facts

THC Oil Facts 2017-2018

With Cannabis becoming more and more accepted among society, people are finding new ways to use this medical herb to help heal a wide variety of ailments, from physical pain to emotional. THC oil is becoming more and more popular, allowing patients to easily receive the effects of this plant. Here are a few facts on THC oil, its closely relatable oils, and the benefits it brings to its patients.

1. Small Doses, Big Results
A great thing about THC oil is that you don’t need as much to achieve the same results as, for example, smoking it. It’s becoming popular to ingest these oils as a way to avoid the potentially damaging effects that smoking it can bring. It is said that using a small amount of THC oil provides the exact same effect as using a very large amount of marijuana.

2. Cannabis Oil
Common words used in the marijuana community are Cannabis THC oil statistics, hash oil, and hemp oil. So, what’s the difference? Cannabis oil can give you a good buzz, but generally, has lower levels of THC. Cannabis oil contains a high amount of cannabinoids that provide the therapeutic effects that many patients seek. The most common uses for Cannabis oil are treating cancers, depression, pain, and anxiety disorders.

3. Hash Oil
This oil will give you a very strong “buzz” at very low doses. It is often called “honey oil” and can be dabbed, smoked, or ingested. Its medicinal value has been used by many patients to help ease life threatening conditions, pain, and a variety of mental illnesses. Hash oil is one of the more potent types of THC oils that allow patients to achieve a strong effect with lower doses. Hash oil is legal only in states where THC and Cannabis oil is legal.

4. Hemp Oil
This is not considered a “THC oil” because it contains no THC and will not get you high. However, it is important to know about because of its spreading popularity and common confusion with the previous oils mentioned above. Hemp oil isn’t recommended to use in cooking due to its properties that allow it to burn easily but can be used in food items such as salads. It is also used for hair, massage, and lotions. Hemp oil is found as a supplement in many health stores as well. Hemp Oil is legal in all states because it does not contain THC.

5. THC Oil Cures
At various levels, THC and Cannabis oil treat different ailments. THC oil is generally used to treat chemotherapy side effects, such as nausea. It is commonly used for multiple sclerosis as well as glaucoma and AIDS. It has been known to reduce the amount of tremors associated with spinal injury as well. It can provide a feeling of relaxation, reduced aggression, and a lightened mood. It is important to research your state’s laws to find out if THC oil is legal in your state.

6. Cannabis Oil Cures
CBD does not contain the components used in THC that provide psychoactive effects. It is found in about 40% of cannabis extract and has a wide range of benefits. It can reduce psychotic symptoms, provide relief from nausea, and help with anxiety and inflammation. New research has shown that cannabis oil can be effective for those suffering from schizophrenia, anxiety, including social anxiety, depression, and lessen the effects of cancer treatments.

THC oil is taking the nation by storm, providing relief from symptoms that many people in our population suffer. Whether you choose to smoke it, eat it, or administer it topically, THC oil can offer maximum effects with a minimal amount. It is allowing patients to reduce their reliance on the pharmaceutical industry, lessen negative side effects of medications, and is an affordable option with virtually no negative side effects

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